7 ways to stay on budget this summer

  • Ensure to look through your bank accounts to see how you’re financially placed.
  • Adopt some DIY styles for your old clothes so you can stay cool and cute this summer without even having to spend on new clothes.
  • Pick up a side hustle this summer to add to your wallets.


Summer is here! Although the winter wait seemed like forever, we’re all glad that longer days and warmer nights are here. 

But, let’s be honest, as exciting as this new season is, it can get very expensive. Between indulging in the summer lifestyle, travel and flirty new clothes, we all know the costs can seriously spiral upwards.

We’re not even going to start talking about how expensive summer weddings are. But thankfully, you can stay on budget and even save a few coins — with these seven tips. 

1. Peek through your finances 

The first step to budgeting this summer is to track your spending and assess your financial situation. In case you haven’t already, look through your previous bank statements and see if your spending has decreased or increased in any particular area.

If you have some exciting summer plans just around the corner, see if you can cut down expenses and save a fixed amount to bring your summer plans to life.

2. Anticipate, save and replace

Anticipate all the expenses you will be taking on this summer. The best part about summer savings is you can cut down on a lot of winter expenses like you won’t have to blast your heat or turn the lights on at 4 pm, also you don’t have to splurge on holiday shopping—unless you want to, of course. 

Play around with the numbers and your spending categories to see where you can free up money for summer expenses. Once you’re down on saving the winter expenses, you can spend it on your summer bucket list. 

3. Break up your expenses 

Break up is not a happy word. But when it comes to budgeting it’s a wise word.

Summer does fly by, but being intentional with your plans, money and your time will do you and your wallet some good. Breaking up your plans is budget-friendly, it will help you prioritize expenses and prevent you from maxing out your funds.

4. Don’t buy it, DIY it

When you’re tempted to shop for a new wardrobe each season, see how you can make use of what’s already in your closet. There are a ton of DIY styles you can create with what you already have. This summer you can look cool and cute without spending a dime. 

5. Earn rewards and cashback 

Stretch your wallets by earning rewards through your credit cards or other loyalty rewards programs. Earning cash back for everyday spending can be cashed in to help fund additional summer expenses. You can also use rewards points to sponsor your summer travels.

6. Summer side-hustle

Hustle hard this summer and up your budget by bringing in some extra cash flow. You don’t need to work your entire summer away, but there are some easy things you can do to make money on the side. You can babysit, or even tutor students over the summer, walk a neighbor’s dogs, mow lawns, deliver packages and so on. You can even land a job at the restaurant and pick up a couple of extra shifts per week, that would leave you with a few hundred dollars extra per month.

7. Go on a spending hiatus

Trying to tighten those purse strings? Consider a no-buy period. Other than gas in your car and groceries in your fridge and other absolutely necessary purchases for your home, try a no-spend week every month. The extra money that will accumulate in your bank account might surprise you.

Yes, it’s important to maintain a budget. Oh no, we used the most-dreaded “B” word! But seriously though, as important as it is to cut back on expenses you don’t need to sacrifice your plans or summer fun. You can still travel, eat out, entertain yourself and even shop.