7 ways you can stop worrying about money

  • Thinking about money when you should be sleeping?
  • wouldn’t it be amazing if you could stop stressing and start living and loving life?
  • Here’s how you can stay positive and stop stressing over money.


How do you stop worrying about money and start living, especially when you’re a complete worrywart? Worrying about money is ingrained in our culture today and has become an epidemic of its own. The worry about debt, expenses this month and what is to come next month keeps you awake at night and plays your mind during the day.

That is an awful place to be in and isn’t healthy for you. We need to get you out of this worrywart state to a financially stress-free state once and for all. On that note, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could stop stressing and start living and loving life?   Here’s how you can do it.

7. Show yourself compassion

Begin by pep-talking yourself. That regardless of the situation you’re going to make it through. Don’t judge yourself for past decisions, instead inspire yourself to make changes. It’s normal to have setbacks, doubts and even worry occasionally, in those moments boost your confidence.

Constantly work on establishing good habits in terms of money and handling your finances.

6. Know your friends

Surround yourself with friends who push you to adopt positive money habits. The ones who

  • Help you maintain a healthy financial track instead of pushing you to overspend.
  • Help you find solutions to your problems instead of criticizing you.
  • Stay positive when things are spiraling downward.

5. Start saving today 

Prevention is better than cure, so don’t wait for a crisis to start saving. Start taking preventative measures today. Begin by setting aside some savings in your emergency fund. Work towards paying your debts while also keeping an eye on your budget simultaneously. These are little things that can make a huge difference. 

Don’t wait until you’re in extreme debt to start thinking about managing your money. Better safe than sorry!

4. Don’t ignore your money problems

Ignorance is bliss. But when it comes to money there’s an exception!

Sometimes, the longer you wait to address a problem, the harder it can be to fix. Start paying attention to your money problems, to where you’re going wrong now. Side-by-side begin working on the practicalities of getting your money into better shape.

3. An attitude of gratitude

While it’s super easy to focus on the things you lack and the money you don’t have, remember that gratitude is a cure for anxiety. Ensure to applaud yourself for financial accomplishments no matter how small they may seem, this will help you stay positive and give you the encouragement you need to better manage your money.

2. Set financial goals

Ensure to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART). These goals will help you plan ahead of time and account for any obstacles that might come your way.

1. Net worth does not define self-worth

Your self-worth is not the same as your net worth. Know the difference!  

It is natural for us to tie our self-worth to the amount of money in our accounts. You’re building a shaky foundation for life when you intertwine your identity with your compensation. Just in case you needed to hear this, your bank account does not determine your value.