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Celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 Virtually

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The coronavirus numbers are all set to go up across the country; you and your family might be prepared for a unique Thanksgiving – no trips, no large gatherings, no overflowing menus with extended friends and relatives. Nevertheless, nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Here are few ways to celebrate this Thanksgiving virtually without losing out on the fun and enjoyment.

Before Thanksgiving

Plan a shared experience

Prepare a virtual guest list and spread the word to everyone now that distance hardly matters. You can get close on the big day as you’ll share the same rituals.

For example, prepare the same fragrant dish, light the same scent of the candle or, and create a shared playlist as background music.

Create a connection with a meal preparation

A Thanksgiving meal sets the ball rolling and that maybe the saddest part for your kids to be apart from family members missing in your quarantine group, like grandparents.

So get your focus on the steps that are important before eating, which make things easier to bond over from a distance: Schedule calls for family members to guide your kid, brainstorm the holiday menu, and plan a shopping list. Ask for a loved one’s favorite menu or recipe and video chat while you and your child cook, and test it out. These can really get your child’s participation in the kitchen.

Send Thanksgiving packages

Mail your supplies and treats to encourage guests to feel part of the fun. Split a pumpkin pie, maybe you and your kid can bake pumpkin muffins and drop them off on doorsteps, or make matching center-pieces for everyone to showcase on their holiday tables.

During Thanksgiving

Opening and Closing ceremonies

During your video chat, have your kid host “opening” and “closing ceremonies.” Your kid might want to kick things off with a prayer or song and wrap up the session with some funny jokes or the latest Tik Tok dance. All the old traditions are on hold and hence the possibilities are endless.

A new twist in pot luck

Traditional pot luck is out of the window since everybody will be dining separately in their respective households. So, try something unorthodox, ask every family member to contribute like sharing a favorite family photo virtually or a brief toast.

A gratitude bowl

Send out a message for all the households in your extended family to start this process a few days before Thanksgiving. Each day, each person jots down something they’re grateful for on a piece of paper and drops it in their household bowl. On the day of Thanksgiving’s virtual event, take turns reading aloud.

After Thanksgiving

Keep the fun going!

Once the Thanksgiving Day “program” has ended, you can prop your device up somewhere with video chat for any loved ones who want to stay connected or have your kid send text updates occasionally on the day’s events – from lounging in comfy clothes to the big turkey reveal bring it on.

Thanksgiving resolutions

While this year has been severely hit by all means, completely out of fun and a big let-down, use this virtual get-together for just a quiet conversation with your kid to close out the holiday. What would your kids like to try, learn, or do more of during next year’s Thanksgiving? This is a great way to remind kids (and all of us) that we all have a lot to look forward to for a bright future on the other side of this pandemic.

It’s hard for everyone to skip favorite holiday traditions. But as with so much else unfolding during the time of COVID-19, we can try new, quarantine-friendly ideas to fill in for what we’ll miss. It may even add a new dimension to your holiday.

Bottom Line

It has rather been a tough year with many having to skip the traditions that are so much a part of every festival and holiday. Adding more sorrow to the prevailing situation are the rising cases and empty pockets. People are frustrated with hardly any money to spend or save as survival seems to be the only motive. While all these are happening nobody has control over it. If you are in need of funds don’t hesitate to take the help of an emergency fund that can be so handy right now.

There is always hope and it’s a boon to have the technology on our side that can help people to be in touch with their dear ones. So, this Thanksgiving never lose hope and have fun with a difference, virtually!

By Karthick V.

This page is purely informational. Line does not provide financial, legal or accounting advice. This article has been prepared for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide financial, legal or accounting advice and should not be relied on for the same. Please consult your own financial, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transactions.



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