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Fourth of July: 7 DIY outfits that won’t cost you a fortune

In this article

  • Remodel your jeans into a 4th of July pair of shorts by dip-dyeing it in patriotic colors.
  • Look through your closet for old treasures instead of buying new clothes.
  • Make accessories at home with raw materials like hairpins, beads and coins, it is inexpensive.

Oooohhhh! Summer is here and the 4th of July is around the corner. Are you ready for hot dogs, burgers and the obligatory Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’ blasting from speakers everywhere? 

So, if you want to get in on the themed action, you need to get proper attire in order. And when we say proper, we mean an outfit featuring the good ol’ fashion combination of red, white and blue.

When you’re given only three colors to work with and on a budget, you might feel like your creativity is being kicked to the curb. While red, white and blue may seem like the obvious color scheme for the Fourth of July, there are so many other ways to work those hues into your fit without breaking the bank. So here are 7 DIY outfits that won’t cost you anything. 

Old is gold 

DIY-ing a patriotic outfit is not that hard. All you need is an old shirt, sweatshirt or a white dress. Trying out a tie-dye design is great on a white clothes. Layout your fabric on a surface and tie in sections. Apply dye on those sections, wash and dry. 

This way you don’t need to spend a fortune on buying your favorite tri-colored clothes.

Flag your shorts

Looking for a pair of new themed shorts? Don’t look through stores, look in your closet. Find an old pair of jeans, cut them down to your desired length and dip-dye them in red, white and blue. Or you can make-do with a pair of white denim shorts (that you found in your closet), blue and red fabric dye and rubber gloves to protect your skin. When you’re done dip-dyeing and drying, wash your shorts in water with detergent so it can set the dye.

Turn heads with a party hat

It won’t take much of your time and money to make a standard DIY 4th of July party hat. All you need is the top of a toilet paper roll, you can print your tri-color design on cards and glue it to your roll. Then turn heads not your wallets by making and wearing your very own patriotic hat.

Pillowcase dresses

This costume is super easy to make and inexpensive because all your raw material is in the house. If you find a blue or red pillowcase fabric and you know the basics of sewing then you can make the dress in two steps.

  • Design the halter neck and sew it
  • Then add gathers to the base of the gown.

It’s as simple and cheap as that.

Tutu all the way

This lovely 4th of July outfit will not break the bank. If you’re keen on getting your toddlers to join in the celebrations, get strips of white, blue and red tulle.

Then find an elastic band and wrap it around your toddler’s waist. Then put the tulle in layers over the elastic from one end to the other end. And voila you have yourself a patriotic tutu.

To “Top” it off

A crop top can rock with your jeans and still represent the 4th of July—without spending a dime. Here’s what you’ll need, some red and blue fabric dye and star stickers. Cut your shirt to the length you want. Divide the piece of fabric into sections that look like the flag. Paste your star stickers then spray blue. Make your strips and spray red. There, your in-fashion DIY crop-top is as good as the ones you get in stores.

“Independent” accessories

Make those patriotic earrings and bracelets to go with your patriotic attire.

Have an American coin? Then you are good to go with some earring wires and silver-plated jump rings. String the red and blue beads on your pins then make a loop and attach a ring. Put the coin on the ring. You now have your very own 4th of July earrings made with a quarter or a dime.  

You can make your Independence Day bracelet by arranging your beads on the headpins. Fit your headpins to the chain of the bracelet.

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