Halloween 2020: 5 Ways To Celebrate Within Budget

Halloween has always been a scary fun-time of the year for everyone but this time it looks scarier.

The spirit of Halloween lies in those scary costumes that everyone just loves to wear, the fun outdoor activities, spooky treats, and whatnot. And who can forget those yummy candies and crafts which sets the mood right away?

Halloween 2020 has found some company this time with the coronavirus pandemic adding that extra fear with social distancing and quarantine. Imagine a costume or a carving of jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins that can ward off debts just like ghosts!

A Demon Called ‘Debt’

Halloween is the perfect time to bring in some positivity by clearing the debts that do not need an occasion to haunt you. We can for sure enjoy the holiday and the weekend with our families by not spending overtly on expensive treats and costumes.

Try some of the below strategies to make this year’s Halloween a memorable one.

1. The Family Budget

First, decide how much your budget is for Halloween and then allot the same to split between decorations, candies, and costumes. Do not force your budget to buy things, if it’s tight, rework and reduces it on decorations first. A couple of pumpkins are sufficient for the carvings and of course for some delicious pies and muffins. Make use of an emergency fund to keep the festive spirit alive without worrying too much about the expenses as they are interest-free.

2. The Best Bargains

Go shopping in stores that give you the best bargains, and remember that Halloween is an annual affair. Compromise on the quality of the items and check for the bulk candy prices and make sure you are not buying smaller quantities.

3. The Creative Side

Halloween is a great way to show your creative skills and more so when you are running short of money. Experiment on non-traditional sources of costumes or used clothing stores. Prepare some spooky sandwiches, snack, or paint the pumpkins with a toothbrush, bring out your origami skills, and decorate your home. It’s all yours think, create, and have fun!

4. Keep It Simple

Luxury is not about expensive items and spending, it is all in your mind so relax and keep things simple. Don’t set double standards by buying costly props and lights. Get your family together and encourage them to participate and bring the best of their creativity. Simplicity is a form of luxury if you can accept it!

Paint The Faces

You don’t have to be an artist to paint your faces or the Kids’. Surf the net, there are umpteen ideas online and nobody is going out to rate your painting. This is not a mere activity it is a way of bonding with the family. The pandemic is a tough time so join hands to paint the color of positivity.

Happy Halloween! Let’s Face the Demons!

By Karthick V.